Roger Connolly was born in London in 1960. He studied at The Oxford Brookes School of Architecture finishing his studies and registering as an architect in 1990. In the early part of his career he worked in practices in London, Washington DC and Sydney. He has a wide range of experience from that time including city offices, shopping centres, sports facilities, luxury hotels, housing, retail outlets, pubs, exhibition stands, interiors and much more.

In the early nineties Roger chose to work full time as an artist which would ultimately compliment his work as an architect. This included opening his own gallery in The Lanes in Brighton. Initially he produced architectural renderings in his own unique style but changed and developed over time as an artist and now prefers to make abstract art.

He currently practices full time as an architect working exclusively on residential projects. He undertakes both new build and refurbishment work and mainly works transforming the dull and cramped english home into one which is comfortable, bright and a pleasure to live in. He is an all-round architect who deals with every aspect of the project from planning applications, construction design and detailing through to interior design. Aside to being both an artist and architect he also manages and builds some of his clients projects. This site experience gives him a level of understanding of both on-site issues as well as project costs that many architects never grasp.

Roger is familiar with Sacred Geometry and the Phi ratio which he incorporates into his designs. He is also partly trained in Biogeometry which is the science of shape established by Dr Ibrahim Karim, an Egyptian architect and scholar. Biogeometry has many applications but is best known for harmonising and neutralising the effects of EMF radiation.

Roger is currently living off grid building his own Grand Design, The Quartz, in Risby, Suffolk. A model of this semi underground house can be see on the projects page.

He practices throughout East Anglia and North & East London.